International Trans Day of Visibility (TDoV): API antecipates legislative proposals in magazine release

31st March, the International Day of Trans Visibility, was the date Ação Pela Identidade – API chose to present the first issue of the magazine THIS IS MY IDENTITY.

The document, named “THIS IS MY GENDER. For the right to gender self-determination”, focuses on a study that examines the current legal gender recognition procedures in Portugal, in force since 2011, while analysing other countries’ legislation, approved posteriorly.

The study, by Júlia Mendes Pereira and Santiago d’Almeida Ferreira, “is the result of several months of research, between contacts with Portuguese trans people, contacts with foreign trans people living in Portugal, activists worldwide, meetings, study reunions… it was a satisfying work that I shared with Santiago in the intersex section”, tells API’s General Secretary.

The report should keep up with the discussion on new legislation proposals on legal gender recognition and self-determination, to be presented in the following weeks.

The pre-launch of the first issue of the magazine THIS IS MY IDENTITY, that is due to be published by API twice a year, could be followed in the Portuguese National Youth Council auditorium, in Lisbon, Portugal, or online via Youtube streaming, with more than 80 live views.

Both the video and the magazine are available in Portuguese. Efforts are being put to publish an English version of the magazine shortly.

It was also lifted the curtain about the second issue of the magazine, focused on intersex matter. THIS IS MY GENDER doesn’t have an official launch date for the paper version, but the digital preview is already online and can be checked in the link below:

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